TV & Furniture Straps


ULTIMATE COMPATIBILITY, ANCHOR ANYWHERE: Strapping for the Home, Garage, Office, Nursery, Bedroom, INDOORS & OUTDOORS. Attach to Wall, Bunk Bed, Drawers and Cabinets, Dresser, Bookcases and Wardrobes, TVs, Flat Screen TV, Armoires and more. Works with Samsung, Panasonic, Sony and most other brands.
MULTI-PURPOSE AND SECURE HOLD: The standard design of furniture is for it to keep its shape. This means when furniture items tip over or falls, any person in its path is going to get injured sometimes fatally. Child proof your home to protect your toddler and baby from harm, another thing to not worry about.
EASY TO INSTALL GUIDE: Easy to install instructions will guide you through the process. The furniture straps easily adjustable to your requirements, making tightening or slackening straight forward. The long straps allow for easy access to the straps for installing and removing the product.

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