TubTech Bath Elbow Rest for Baby Bath Time, Elbow Rest is Placed on Edge of Bathtub to Protect, Guard and Cushion your Elbows, Bath Elbow Guard is the Ultimate Baby Bath Tub Accessory!

$32.99 (as of April 8, 2017, 6:45 am) $16.99

NO MORE BRUISED ELBOWS! : Moms and Dads-sore elbows and bruises are a thing of the past! Bath Elbow Rest is specifically designed to protect, cushion and guard your elbows at baby and toddler bath time. Having this cushion comfort will add to the joy of baby bath-time and ensure you can play freely with your baby and his/her toys
STOP ELBOWS SLIPPING AND SLIDING: Playful splashing, pouring water gently over toddler’s hair or simply tipping water from one plastic cup to another (to amuse your little one) can result in elbows and arms slipping from side to side on the edge of the tub. A safety hazard? Not anymore! Place the bath elbow guard on tub edge, lock the two sides of the guard down either side of the tub with the suction caps and bath time will be safer and more enjoyable.
ENJOY MORE BATHTIME WITH YOUR LITTLE ONE: Be comfortable and stay longer! Let your little one enjoy more play time with their bath toys or simply splashing around. Using the baby bath elbow pad will help you enjoy more quality time with your little bundle of joy and maximize the parent-child bonding experience baby bath time provides.

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