The Baby Lodge Child Safety Cabinet Locks – The Ultimate Childproofing Latches for Cabinets, Dresser, Refrigerator, Drawers, Microwave, Oven, Toilet Seat – 3M Adhesives, Adjustable Strap (6 Pack)


REALLY SUPERIOR HOLD – Strap measures 5.5″ and can adjusted by cutting the excess off. Lock size measures 2.4 x 1.6 inches. We have the largest lock size, which means the largest surface area, which also happens to mean the largest strength and hold. Coupled with heavy duty 3M adhesive, babies have no chance.
EASY, EASY, EASY – Easy to install with no tools required (no screws and no drilling), easy to remove with no damage, and easy to unlock for adult. Not so easy for your curious toddler though, as he/she will have a torrid time trying, and eventually, give up. Mission accomplished.
ESTHETIC or SAFETY? – Life is never the same with the little one, so why should the look of your furniture stay the same? Decorate your home with our product. The strap is temporarily removable when not in use. Keep your kid safe. The locks go when your child grows.

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