Premium Child Safety Kit | 6 Child Safety Locks – 4 Corner Guards – 6 Outlet Covers | Baby Proof Cabinets, Drawers, Fridge, Oven, Toilet – No Tools or Drilling

$18.40 (as of April 8, 2017, 4:32 am)

BEST CHILD SAFETY KIT ON AMAZON. When babies start taking the first steps and move around, a whole new world is open them to explore. As parents make sure that your little one can enjoy their newfound freedom in safety with Amazon’s best selling Godoo Child Safety Kit. Why buy separate safety locks, corner covers and electrical socket covers which cost around $40? This Super Value Pack contains 6 Cabinet Locks, 4 table corner guards and 6 electrical socket covers almost twice cheaper.
KEEP YOUR CHILD AWAY FROM DANGEROUS HOUSEHOLD ITEMS. Godoo Multipurpose smart safety Locks help you to keep your curious child away from the various house hold items store in cabinets and drawers, refrigerator, trash bin and toilet seat making them difficult to open. These safety latches are reusable and work perfectly on both flat surfaces and round corners. What’s more? They leave no residue and won’t cause any damages to your furniture.
NO MORE FEAR FROM UNSAFE SHARP CORNERS. Every home is filled with furniture and appliances that have sharp corners. These corners make you anxious since your child is at a high risk of injury with these sharp corners. But with Godoo Child Proof Corner Safety Bumpers, all your worries are washed away. Godoo premium corner guards are fully transparent, add beauty and make your furniture look better than before!

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