My Baby Table Corner Guards | 8 Pcs of Dark Brown Flexible Babyproof Furniture Bumper Corner Cushion Guard with 3-M Adhesive Tape For Quick Installation | Soft NBR Material | 252.2

$7.99 (as of April 8, 2017, 3:24 am)

— Safety First, No Buts — Why risk the health and wellbeing of your friends and family? My Baby Table Corner Guard(TM) is there to safeguard children and adults from sharp, dangerous corners on desks and other furniture. This set of 4 pcs of soft cushions are especially designed to snugly fit every table corner without being bulky! Plus, the design will prevent children to mistaken them as consumable items.
— Quick Installation with Double-Sided Adhesive — My Baby Table Corner Guard(TM) is very easy to install. They come with 3M double-sided adhesive which is strong and leaves no residue, even if your kid likes to chew on them, he/she won’t be able to get a bite out of them. To install them, clean the corner of your desk or other furniture first, and stick the inside of corner guards with the adhesive tape and press on it until it sticks securely.
— Super Durable, Sturdy and Soft NBR Material — They are made of advanced NBR material, which is very sturdy to ensure the durability that lasts for years. They are nontoxic, BPA free, and also soft, which makes it safe for you to lean on the table corner while also remaining shielded from sharp edges. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the health risks if your kids chew on them.

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