Jadebird Magnetic Safety Locks + Keys with Extra Bonus Adjustable Safety Locks+3M Adhesive+ Locking Position Stickers

BONUS 4PCS 3M TAPE: If you find installation position is not accurate, please don’t worry about that, only need to remove products, tear tape, install the products with extra 3M adhesive again
BONUS 2PCS ADJUSTABLE LOCKS: For some furniture and electrical equipment ,the magnetic locks is not suitable for that, such as the refrigerator , microwave oven and the toilet, please don’t worry about that you can use these extra adjustment locks, so baby will not open them, you can give your baby more security
Bonus 2 PCS POSITION STICKERS: Because the lock is invisible, you may forget the installation position when you open it. please don’t worry about that ,you can find that open than easily by the position sticker

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