Deulia Magnetic Baby Safety Cabinet Locks Smart Hidden Drawer Locks Great Choice for Baby Proofing, Magnetic Locking Set of 4 Locks & 1 Key

$19.99 (as of April 8, 2017, 4:34 am) $14.99

Easy to Install: No drilling or screws is needed. The back of the device is equipped with a super strong sticky strip which is made by 3M and graded to be strong enough to resist the strength of toddlers. Just peel and lightly stick them where you think they should go, then press them down once they’re in the right place.
Magically Invisible: Once installed, these locks are completely hidden from sight and provide a firm lock of the cabinets and drawers. Put the knob over the cover, and the door opens. Take it away, and it’s locked for good. You’ll love them for baby proofing without compromising the aesthetic look of your home.
ON/OFF Switch: Each lock comes with an “on/off” switch. It has a permanent unlock mode that you can flip it to when you need to constantly access the cabinets but don’t want to use the key all the time. Make sure to flip it back to lock mode when you’re finished.

Usually ships in 24 hours


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