Corner Cushion Baby Protector – Soft Guards for Babies and Toddlers – Protect Children from Sharp Edges of Tables and Desks

$34.99 (as of April 8, 2017, 5:08 am) $21.99

Yes, you really do need our Safety Cushion Protector for Babies. Why – because toddlers are always in motion and do a lot of stumbling and falling. Our corner guards are quick and easy to install. No parts just stick and go. You won’t always be there to catch them but our baby proofing corner guards can and do. Our Baby Proofing Corner Guards are designed with your baby’s safety in mind;
Child’s safety is our very first priority and we designed our table corner guards from the baby’s point of view. Using extra cushiony, soft materials, you can be confident that when you have to give the little ones that space, they are protected from sharp corners and hard edges all around the house, kitchen, office, family room wherever your little tike may roam. Corner guards
Our Protector and Corner Guards Set is made of non-toxic, non-allergenic and non-flammable materials. Our corner bumpers are easy to install, just stick and go. Using double sided tape, your baby’s now safer than ever. The extra-long 15 feet of cushion with corner guards gives you protection that is not only soft and durable, but also cleans up easily. Spilled drinks, food or crafts won’t harm our Safety Cushion Protection system.

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