Car Seat Protector -­ Reliable Pad for Leather Seats in Luxury Cars ­- 3 Mesh Organizer Pockets -­ Works Great with Children and Pets -­ Waterproof and Summertime Protection ­- 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

PREVENT DAMAGE TO YOUR CAR’S INTERIOR ­- Eliminate stains with waterproof design. Protect against damage from beaming sun rays. Shield your car seats from scratches and indentations caused by your baby’s bulky car seat! Keep your interior in pristine condition!
PARENT­ FRIENDLY DESIGN -­ Mat is compatible with rear seat latch and includes adjustable buckle straps. Also includes 3 mesh organizer pockets to store essentials. Simply slip the extended flap between your seat to hold in place. Easily secure and protect your child and car!
DEFEND THE MESS FROM KIDS AND PETS -­ Catch spills and crumbs left by your children. Block your car fabric from wet and muddy dog paws. Nothing leaks through the large polyester surface capable of covering and protecting the entire seat. Measures 18″ x 18″ to cover the seat and 18″ x 23″ to cover the leaning backrest.


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