Baby Proofing Corner Guards 30-Piece Baby Safety Kit Extra Dense Unique Gift Animal Themed Door Stopper and Safety Catches Baby, Electrical Covers Safety Protectors Child Proofing Cabinet and Drawers

$12.89 (as of April 8, 2017, 4:24 am)

8 BROWN BUMPER CORNER GUARDS- Extremely thick, impact absorbing and super-durable cushions. Protect your child and family with protection from sharp edges or table corners. Perfect for coffee tables and other furniture.
6 ANIMAL THEMED FOAM DOOR STOPPERS-Avoid sudden closed doors that will hurt babies’ fingers. Keep doors ajar so parents can monitor kid’s activities from another room. Kids will love the slim design of the green butterfly, red ladybug, blue seal, yellow tiger, white cow and yellow giraffe.
12 ELECTRICAL OUTLET COVERS- Help protect children from potentially dangerous open electrical outlets and accidental shock. Blends with most standard outlets covers. Easy to use; just snaps in place. Slide fingernail under cap edge and pull to remove.

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