Adjustable Child Safety Locks By DOMOVOI – Ideal For Child Proofing Your Whole Home – Cabinets, Toilet Seats, Doors, Drawers & All Appliances – Durable Material Construction – Extra 3M Tapes

$21.98 (as of April 8, 2017, 5:20 am) $11.17

✔ PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION : When it comes to protecting our children and keeping them safe, quality matters! These baby safety locks have been carefully designed and tested with our own kids. Trust us, we wouldn’t allow anything to happen to them! After getting amazing results, these products have launched in the market for anyone who is in search of the ultimate baby safety lock.
✔ EASY TO USE – ADJUSTABILITY MATTERS:Don’t you just hate it when you buy something that is supposed to be extremely helpful but ends up disappointing you? That won’t happen after buying these child safety locks. Their length can be re-adjusted to any of your daily needs. They simply fit everywhere and you won’t have difficulties installing them. Your children on the other hand would be in so much trouble!
✔ DURABLE MATERIAL – 2 EXTRA 3M TAPES: Not only will you love these safety locks, but you will also be amazed by their durability and their excellent quality. You will also get 2 extra 3M tapes. Having these extra tapes, enables you to rearrange the location of the lock after multiple uses, without any issues or difficulties. THESE ARE FREE!

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